What are the 6 most commonly noted home inspection items in your area?


There is no such thing as a typical home inspection. Every property is going to
be different. There are, however, common issues that come up in many home

1) The HVAC system has not been regularly cleaned, inspected, or
certified by an HVAC professional. Cleaning is important for the blower
motor and fan blades for efficient distribution of proper airflow around
the home. An HVAC professional will inspect and certify your system
after cleaning.

2) Kitchen and baths with no GFCI protection. Depending on when the
home was built, it may or may not have been a requirement to install a
GFCI protected circuit or outlet. It is a matter of safety and important
that the homeowner update and install these. They are relatively
inexpensive and can save lives.

3) Concrete cracks in driveways and walkways. Concrete will crack, as a
rule, but when it does it is imperative that the crack is filled and made
watertight. Not maintaining your driveways and walkways can result in
tripping hazards, foundation water problems, and thousands of dollars
in repairs.

4) Wood rot on the bottom of wood trim doors, basement windows, and
decks. Wood rot on decking and exterior stairways can weaken the
structures causing safety hazards.

5) Gutters filled with debris. Debris can cause a backup in the gutter which,
in turn, may allow water to get under the roof eave and cause roofing
issues. Blocked gutters also affect the roof system’s overall ability to
shed water and direct water away from the foundation of the home.

6) Outdoor faucets that are not the anti-siphon, frost-free type.This type of
faucet can prevent water leaks by preventing your faucet from freezing
and splitting in the winter months.